RCA2020 - Royal College of Art Degree Show website

07 2020


MTJ was asked to create the RCA2020 website by Unthinkable working alongside Platform 3.

MTJ created the front end website alongside the editorial back end interface in Sanity.io, a search system with Algolia and a CDN based image system with Cloudinary. The front end website was created with GatsbyJS and integrated with a custom MongoDB / React backend developed by Platform 3.

Over 800 students contributed work to the website alongside hundreds of Collections, Events and Stories. GatsbyJS allowed us to join together 2 separate backend systems, each tailored to its own task, one for the student's upload, the other for the editors and curators. Algolia allowed live, instant search, rapidly bringing you to any part of the website. Cloudinary was used to upload all the student images at build time, this allowed us to store around 50GB of images and serve over a terrabyte of image data in the first few days.

The most exciting part of the project was working with a fantastic team of students from the Royal College of Art to integrate their designs into a responsive, fast and considered user experience.