Ravensbourne Degree Show 2020

09 2020


Ravensbourne University London’s CreativeLab commissioned MTJ to develop an online platform for their 2020 degree show. Ravensbourne’s in house design team developed the exciting concepts pitched by their students as a response to the pandemic and cancellation of the physical 2020 degree show. MTJ realised these concepts by creating generative, fluid-like effects throughout the site that blend with a minimalist aesthetic.

The homepage and each of the course pages expose fragments of selected images drawn from across the college, these are seen through the fluid blobs that respond to the cursor or touch. Interaction influences the blob's behaviour revealing more of the image.

A backend system was crafted that enabled Ravensbourne fine editorial control. This system was both very simple to use and very capable. Editors were able to add and stylise content, with images being automatically uploaded to a very fast Content Delivery Network. The front end of the website combined static files with fantastic reactive interaction using GatsbyJS. The technologies used are very fast while being standards-compliant and accessible. The website additionally utilises modern Progressive Web App technologies allowing it to operate offline and work excellently on mobile devices.