06 2017

Make/Shift is this year’s collaborative project between musicians from the Guildhall School and design students on the MA Graphic Communication Design programme at Central Saint Martins, UAL. The project is run by the MAP-making collective.

I lead the LAB weekend, beginning with a lecture, then facilitating a two day workshop. A series of exercises and experimentation helped design and music students investigate different ways of creating together. I helped with the final show design, both in terms of its conceptual layout and build.

The project is run by the MAP/making collective (Sophie Clements, Nell Catchpole, Detta Danford, Natasha Zielazinski, Jo Wills and Seth Scott), a long-standing educational project that brings together musicians and graphic communication designers in a yearly site-specific performance.

The work produced is the result of a three-month collaboration between the students and tutors and takes the form of a performance installation, combining live performance, audio visual work and installation environments.