Heart and Soul at the Hub

MTJ.io had the privilege of working with Heart and Soul at The Hub to develop their website: https://heartnsoulatthehub.com/

Heart n Soul at The Hub was a two year research project funded by Wellcome’s Hub Award to bring a group of very different people together to do research in new and exciting ways.

The people that worked on the project had different life experiences and backgrounds. Some were artists and designers, some were researchers and clinicians. Some people were autistic and/or learning disabled, some were non-disabled.
The most important thing about the research was that it was led by all these people together, working as equals.

On a project managed by Platform 3, MTJ worked with designers and artists to create a website and a number of artwork mini-sites for Heart and Soul.

The project is a fantastic and idiosyncratic website that also pushes accessibility and inclusive design. It was a pleasure to work on such a fantastic project.