experimentation and news

ortho - a web based artwork

/ ortho

handpose implementation

/ Easier machine learning with p5js

handpose sketch with p5js

/ #0006 p5 3d hand positioning with camera

handpose with lines

/ #0005 handpose with lines

poses tracked with google mediapip and bezier curves in p5js

/ #0003 p5js beziers and Google MediaPipe Landmark detection

Line mirror using p5js

/ Line Mirror

hold me

/ Posenet - hold me

Voronoi Halo

/ Voronoi Halo

Verb list

/ Verb list

handpose machine learning library to pinch text

/ Handpose - pinch

Fibonacci Scale

/ Fibonacci Scale in typography

christmas sun artwork

/ Christmas Sun

3D / AR with model-viewer

/ 3D and AR models on the web with model-viewer

100 double pendula

/ 100 double pendula

SVG animation with CSS

/ Animating an SVG with CSS

cry matter.js p5.js PoseNet ml5.js

/ Cry - p5.js, PoseNet and matter.js

Sphere mirror

/ Sphere Mirror

Bad Mirror

/ Bad Mirror - adventures with machine learning and PoseNet

Tilt torus

/ Torus: wrapping the world around a donut

variable tilting type

/ Manipulating a variable font with mobile motion sensors

p5 tilt and compass

/ Using tilt / motion and compass from a mobile device with p5js (and getting permission with iOS)

Learning to See Lemon

/ Learning to see lemon


/ CMYK, shapes in p5

PoseNet matter.js and p5.js

/ Crying multi colour balls with matter.js and PoseNet p5.js

Realising the 2020 degree show for Ravensbourne University London

/ Realising the blobs concept for Ravensbourne 2020

COVID data

/ COVID dashboard


/ The moon inspired by Michael Collins

Introduction to p5.js

/ p5.js - learning JavaScript and creative coding.

Sanity and Gatsby - Lighthouse scores

/ Sanity and Gatsby

google calendar api with node.js

/ Using the Google Calendar api with Node.js